campaign platform


  • The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed a great need for our buildings to have updated, modern, and State-of-the-Art HVAC & Ventilation systems. This transition must happen quickly to ensure that anyone in our buildings have the cleanest air to breathe.
  • Our schools are more than just institutions of learning; they are vital hubs and focal points of our communities. I want to see our buildings renovated or newly built in a way that meets both of those needs in a cost-effective, simple, and relevant way.
  • Some of our schools have been around since the 1980’s. I firmly believe it is time to renovate, modernize, and update our old school buildings to meet the standard of today’s building code while also making sense for students of the current and next few decades to use for learning.
  • I will continue the fight to ensure that our buildings are innovative in being fully accessible to students, staff, and community members who have accessibility needs.

health & safety

  • I will advance the cause of creating and maintaining safe, inclusive and welcoming environments, where students, staff, and community members can feel supported and safe.
  • A positive school climate is essential for student success in their academic endeavours. I will actively encourage and support efforts of our schools to administer the School Climate Survey and to use it’s results as the foundation for planning, developing, implementing, and evaluating programs and/or initiatives that foster a sense of safety and inclusivity.
  • Our schools should have robust policies and effective tools for addressing bullying. I will strongly advocate and support our schools in being able to support victims of bullying and their families, adequately address issues with the bully and their families, creating safe spaces where students and staff can free express themselves without fear of repercussion, and by having whole-school campaigns/conversations that sustains a bully-free culture.
  • I will passionately advocate that the OCDSB and the Province increase its funding commitment to supporting the mental health needs of our students, staff, parents and community members, increasing access to mental health resources and continued destigmatization of mental health issues.

equitable learning spaces

  • I will ensure that each student is not only given equal opportunities, but fair and impartial learning opportunities by amplifying the learning space to enable all students to reach their greatest potential.
  • Students with learning disabilities and difficulties need more resources, more time, and more opportunities to achieve academic success. I will advocate for and support initiatives for the OCDSB to increase funding, hire more Educational Assistants, access new tools, and pursue innovative strategies that result in these students having every chance possible to receive a quality education and succeed.
  • I am and will continue to be a staunch defender of students with Special Needs having all the tools, resources, and supports for receiving a high quality education in a safe learning environment. I will also support the OCDSB in maintaining and progressively increasing its budget towards special education.

social justice

  • I would address social inequities in the school board system by promoting human rights, participation, equity, diversity and inclusion and access for all children.
  • Ensure equal access to resources and services available for every child despite, race, colour, gender, creed or class. 

defend parent & student rights

  • Ensure that the role of the parents is protected and respected at all times. The parent should be able to decide their child’s well-being and academic advancement once it is legally binding.
  • Parent-teacher dialogue should be every week and daily in certain circumstances.
  • The school should not force the children into an academic stream that they do not have the aptitude for or without the parents’ consent. Instead, children must be allowed to develop their academic interests.

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