OCDSB School Trustee
Zone 12 – Innes/Beacon Hill-Cyrville

Why I’m Running!

  • To champion safe, inclusive, and equitable learning environments that meet the complex & diverse needs of all children within OCDSB Schools
  • To advocate for strong social justice policies that aides and benefits local communities in addressing major discrepancies, legacies and barriers to learning
  • To ensure that the OCDSB operates with diligence, integrity, respect, and transparency while maintaining robust fiscal management and responsibility
  • To create an atmosphere of trust and collaboration, where the rights of parents and students to be partners in their learning experience is respected, defended, and valued
  • To ardently combat racist, discriminatory, xenophobic, and intolerant behaviours, practices, systems, policies and procedures within OCDSB schools and local communities
  • Because I passionately believe in our Public Schools! By putting students first, we can build Better Schools, which creates Brighter Tomorrows!

about Sandra

Get to know Sandra for yourself! You’ll quickly learn that she is dedicated, full of integrity and passionate about advocating for students, parents, and teachers in our Education System.

get involved

Your help can make all the difference in this campaign. Whether it’s taking a lawn sign, volunteering to call or knock on doors, or making a donation of any amount.

ENDORSEMENTS: Sandra Schwartz (current OCDSB Zone 12 trustee), Tim Tierney (current councillor for Ward 11), Richard Fransham (Director of Uniting for Children and Youth).

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